Feathering the nest

Well, I am a world champion procrastinator! We bought and renovated our farmhouse ten years ago and I am finally making the curtains.

A few months ago (ok last February) my all time favorite fabric store was going out of business. So I measured windows and went to a couple locations and bought a huge pile of fabric for curtains. My kitchen windows are small so I did them real quick. The rest of my windows are GIANT so I waited until the kids went back to school.

Before and after for the living room are shown. When we hit “arctic tundra” stage I will replace the lace with a heavier fabric which yes, I still have to make. But -30 is a pretty good motivator!

Crochet owls

These are from the October issue of craftseller and will be popping up I my shop soon. The black and white one has glow in the dark eyes!

I finally have both my kids in school! Now its just me and the pets but somehow I am keeping busy enough. I did a bit of cleaning in my home office hopefully I will get busy on Christmas sales… When the tomato avalanche ends that is.

County fair award winners

I almost forgot to brag about our county fair winnings! A years worth of hard work for my family and a healthy dose of competition. I ended up with all blue ribbons in the knitting and crochet categories I entered… They gave me my own cabinet! And a blue ribbon on my red pepper jelly and red for strawberry and grape jellies.

My daughter (in 4H) also won a ton of ribbons- she participated in the dog project, the chicken project, the fashion revue, fine art and food preservation. I am very proud of her!

It was a long week but we had a great time, learned a lot, and met some great people. I looooove the county fair so much.