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holidays on Pinterest

I hope your holiday crafting is going well. I’ve got a room full of supplies, ideas, and pending Etsy orders and now I just need to block out Some Solid crafting ‘making time. Am I hoping for a giant blizzard? Maybe

Anyway, lets be friends on Pinterest?

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over in the etsy shop

WP_20140908_10_24_01_Pro_edited WP_20140908_09_21_59_Pro_edited WP_20140908_09_19_45_Pro_edited

I’m not trying too hard this season. Ive got a few meaningful projects going on so I won’t be adding much but there are plenty of cute gifts there already ill post periodically as I relearn PhotoShop on my new computer (the surface pro 3 – I am in looooooove)

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Back to yarn and thread

InstagramCapture_0525e61c-fa78-4152-a6a7-dec0d7e529a6_edited WP_20141023_09_50_41_Pro_editedWell, it barely snowed. So winter is here and the holiday Crafting commences. My to-do list includes_ pepper jelly, raspberry jelly, an amigurumi nativity, embroidered napkins, and gifts for family and friends possibly a garland or two

And two big holiday dinners

And (pick up our root vegetables on Thursday)

The days are short but they are busy!

And then the hens…

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Obligatory Halloween pumpkin post

Our inlaws grow fantastic pumpkins look at this beauty… Also Jeff is nearly one year old and Is having a fantastic time watching the chickens free range in the yard. With school and Halloween we have been out celebrating something every weekend and even spent a day launching pumpkins at Crow River Winery’s pumpkinfest.

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Recipe for apple shrub

I was lucky enough to share shrubs with my daughters class at school this afternoon and thought I would repost the recipe for the apple one.

1. Peel and grate apples on a box grater and fill a quart mason jar 3/4 with them

2 top with about 1/2 cup sugar

3 fill jar the rest of the way with vinegar of your choice. I used “honey ginger balsamic” from crow river winery. It is also available at Northfield oils and vinegars.

4. Put a lid on it and refrigerate for a week.

5. Strain and serve with ice and club soda.

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It’s Wisconsin in autumn

MN schools have a four day weekend every October. Ours was this week and Friday we all made a run for the border. Wisconsin. Crystal cave, a cheese factory, a nice round of hiking and Geocaching, our 100th find, a stop at the beer store for some leinies seasonal and a late dinner at the Casino buffet. A super fun educational day off school.

Gorgeous weather and delicious souvenirs: Cheese curds, string cheese, sharp cheddar and one with olives in it. Also a jar of pickled brussel sprouts (spicy) and leinies and new glarus beers. Seriously good eats.

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Untitled painting: Create…

Untitled painting: Created by Fresh Paint

Untitled painting. I just got a surface and now all I want to do is Fresh Paint

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Apple Shrub results

Oh what a fantastic apple shrub! It tastes like honey and ginger and apples! Soooo delicious.

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Hop (s) for the future

A lot of discussion around here about hops lately. This plant has been growing on the inlaws farm and we got to help harvest it today . Soporific!

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Ellen and Jeff

I found them like this. Well not exactly like this, I tucked them in.

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