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Plate canvas kissers

Did anyone else make these with Your Grandma when you were a kid? I had a good time making these with my daughter this Weekend. We gave then to the Church ladies after the Christmas pageant. they ave 10×10 squares sewn together ontwo adjacent sides. Does that make sense? Well they are a fun Trick.

WP_20141214_16_56_40_Pro (2) WP_20141214_16_59_19_Pro

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Jeff’s stocking

of course I crocheted a stocking for our Kitten, Jeff!

or just look at the patterns I used

This stocking pattern

And this alphabet

Took just scraps of yarn and a couple movies… now little Jeff will get presents too.SavedPicture-2014121221551.jpgWP_20141202_15_31_27_Pro


Birthday cake

It’s Garfield, from my family. Love

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amigurumi nativity in Crochet.

I had a  good time stitching up these dolls for my cousin. They were easy and cute but they have a ton of parts so it took quite a bit of time. Still I Love them. Great Stashbuster.

The pattern is available here : 1_editedWP_20141130_13_17_38_Pro_edited

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Christmas crochet

Did the thanksgiving, so Christmas time is now already. Details on these christmassy crafts soon to follow

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Cookie boys

These were a pattern from Craftseller magazine– Xmas 2013. I sent them off as a custom order last week. Sooo sweet.


holidays on Pinterest

I hope your holiday crafting is going well. I’ve got a room full of supplies, ideas, and pending Etsy orders and now I just need to block out Some Solid crafting ‘making time. Am I hoping for a giant blizzard? Maybe

Anyway, lets be friends on Pinterest?

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over in the etsy shop

WP_20140908_10_24_01_Pro_edited WP_20140908_09_21_59_Pro_edited WP_20140908_09_19_45_Pro_edited

I’m not trying too hard this season. Ive got a few meaningful projects going on so I won’t be adding much but there are plenty of cute gifts there already ill post periodically as I relearn PhotoShop on my new computer (the surface pro 3 – I am in looooooove)

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Back to yarn and thread

InstagramCapture_0525e61c-fa78-4152-a6a7-dec0d7e529a6_edited WP_20141023_09_50_41_Pro_editedWell, it barely snowed. So winter is here and the holiday Crafting commences. My to-do list includes_ pepper jelly, raspberry jelly, an amigurumi nativity, embroidered napkins, and gifts for family and friends possibly a garland or two

And two big holiday dinners

And (pick up our root vegetables on Thursday)

The days are short but they are busy!

And then the hens…

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Obligatory Halloween pumpkin post

Our inlaws grow fantastic pumpkins look at this beauty… Also Jeff is nearly one year old and Is having a fantastic time watching the chickens free range in the yard. With school and Halloween we have been out celebrating something every weekend and even spent a day launching pumpkins at Crow River Winery’s pumpkinfest.

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