County fair award winners

I almost forgot to brag about our county fair winnings! A years worth of hard work for my family and a healthy dose of competition. I ended up with all blue ribbons in the knitting and crochet categories I entered… They gave me my own cabinet! And a blue ribbon on my red pepper jelly and red for strawberry and grape jellies.

My daughter (in 4H) also won a ton of ribbons- she participated in the dog project, the chicken project, the fashion revue, fine art and food preservation. I am very proud of her!

It was a long week but we had a great time, learned a lot, and met some great people. I looooove the county fair so much.

Tourist season

We took a few days off this week to visit the North Shore with our kids this week. They got right in lake superior and started agate hunting like pros. We also visited a few great Minnesota state parks: jay Cooke, gooseberry falls, split rock lighthouse and moose lake. It was a last minute trip so we didn’t haul up the camper but instead stayed in a hotel that had a pool and waterslide which was a great way to tire them out at the end of the day.

I had my friends watch the hens in exchange for eggs and raiding the garden… And when I got back, I still had this much produce waiting for me! It is time to put on my canning hat.

Award winning chickens

Two of these chickens went to the county fair with my daughter last week and she “showed” them for the first time with her 4H club. Together they won two blue ribbons!

Also at the same time, our chickens started laying eggs. On August 8th to be exact. Finally we are flush with eggs!

Not coincidentally, all the chickens at the fair start laying at the same time, while they are there. It is actually insane to watch. So there is a fridge full of all colors and shapes of eggs. And first eggs can be pretty weird.